Incentivized Blast Domain Names with Bonding Curve

Welcome to BlastName, the first Domain Name System that generates native yield on Blast L2, optimizing capital efficiency for the Blast NFT ecosystem.

Imagine your credit score living on your domain name! That's what we're building. Inspired by ENS, Blur, and the ideal of financialization of NFTs. Instead of relying on shady, easily manipulated, centralized systems, we're creating a tracker tied to your unique domain name NFT. This means your history in the web3 space – the games you've played, the projects you've backed, even your early domain grabs – all contribute to a transparent, on-chain credit score and identification system visible to anyone. Picture it as your web3 resume, built through your real-world activity.

Think of it like a trust badge for the metaverse. New projects can instantly verify your experience and engagement, while you unlock opportunities based on your proven track record. It's like LinkedIn meets gamification but fueled by blockchain and your domain name ownership.

With this, newcomers get a leg up, showcasing their potential without needing years of proven experience to gain access to more lucrative deals and offers. Experienced players gain recognition for their contributions, attracting opportunities previously reserved for the "in crowd."

No more gatekeeping, just a transparent, community-driven system built on your own digital identity.

Check out our pages below for a more detailed look into the gritty nitty!

⚠️ This project is perpetually in Beta unless announced otherwise. Always do your due diligence before joining.

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