BlastName Envision

As our project expands and evolves, we have developed future plans that we aim to implement. It's crucial to understand that these plans are adaptable and may change if needed, particularly with DAO voting where community input will significantly influence the way we manage the project.

Q1 - 2024

BlastName Referral & Partnership Program

Referral Program

When someone you refer buys our DN, some of the profits will go to you. This referral bonus applies for up to 3 levels, for a total reallocation of 7% minting fee.

Partnership Program

A revenue share bonus can be awarded to top referrers who meet our requirements on:

  • Referral Volume: The total number of successful referrals generated by the referrer.

  • Aggregate Domain Value: The combined value of domain names purchased by referred users.

  • Domain Tenure: The average duration for which referred users maintain their domain name registrations.

Staking pools launch

Users can leverage their domain name NFTs for staking and earn our native tokens. The earning rate scales proportionally to the type of NFT held, incentivizing early project participation and token retention. Furthermore, the NFTs will gain utility beyond mere collectability, enhancing their intrinsic value.

Please keep in mind that you will need to manually remove your NFTs from the BND pools before joining the BNS farming pools. The same applies to LP farming pools.

Q2 - 2024

BlastName SDK

Provides comprehensive integration with leading decentralized applications and block explorers within the Blast ecosystem. This includes Software Development Kits (SDKs) specifically designed for decentralized exchanges, lending/borrowing protocols, wallets, GameFi applications, and explorers.

The SDKs facilitate the seamless display of links, names, and addresses associated with purchased domains within these dApps and explorers.

BNS and BlastName NFT collateral

We are exploring the feasibility of leveraging Treasury funds to establish isolated lending pools specifically for BNS and NFT holders. These pools would function as collateralized sub-ecosystems within the broader financial structure.

The specific designs are currently under development, and a proposal will be submitted for community voting prior to implementation. Further details TBU.

Q3 - 2024

Expand toward Bitcoin L2 Ecosystems

Bitcoin prioritizes security and decentralization at its base layer, but this comes at the cost of slow processing time and high network fees. Layer 2 solutions can address this by offering faster transactions and lower fees, making them ideal for integrating a robust naming system. Additionally, the Bitcoin ecosystem already boasts a thriving NFT community.

Expanding BlastName to L2 solutions on Bitcoin would allow us to capitalize on this promising market segment while benefiting from Bitcoin's established security and brand recognition. This has the potential to attract new users to BlastName and solidify its position as a leader in innovation within the Bitcoin L2 landscape.

Q4 - 2024

BlastName Passport

A largely untapped potential within many cryptocurrency networks lies in multi-chain TLDs and enterprise clients. To bridge this gap, our goal is to develop a collection of SDKs that facilitate the seamless integration of cross-chain TLDs and the management of corresponding subdomains.

This will enhance the universality of our domain name NFT, enabling owners to preserve their activity history as they navigate across various chains, and allowing projects from diverse chains to engage in cross-chain collaborations and campaigns.

Furthermore, we plan to establish a dedicated platform for the development of custom TLDs tailored to enterprise needs. Similar to the collateral system, this proposal will be subject to community voting before implementation.

Multi-chain aggregator explorer integrated with BlastName Passport

To enhance the proposed multi-chain TLD system, a detailed multi-chain aggregate explorer is essential. This explorer will serve as a central hub, enabling users to effortlessly access links, domain names, addresses, and related blockchain networks.

Anticipating the potential interest from enterprise clients, we aim to incorporate this explorer feature into the SDK premium suite, as well as offer a free version with finite capabilities for the general public.

The development of both the explorer and the Passport program (which may be renamed) will advance concurrently to ensure a unified user experience. We will keep the community updated on developments through a dedicated Discord channel.

BlastName’s Credit Score Health Factor

A system analyzes on-chain wallet behavior and yield generation associated with a particular NFT owner. By extrapolating this data, we can generate a credit score that reflects the owner's engagement level, degen score, and investment strategy.

This can then be utilized to provide various benefits, including discounts, prioritized access to collaborations with partner projects, and even serve as a metric for assessing collateralization in loan applications or derivatives markets.

Q1 - 2025

Release BTbill mechanism

This proposal presents the BlastName Treasury Bill (BTbill), a short-term debt instrument supported by the BlastName treasury. It provides BND token holders with a new way to earn BNS rewards without engaging in LP farming pools directly.

By delegating BND tokens, holders receive BTbill coupons, which can be used to farm BNS in a specialized pool. To encourage long-term commitment, a fee proportional to the principal and rewards will be imposed upon withdrawal, which will then be reinvested into the pool to benefit the remaining participants.

Additionally, we aim to enable BTbill to wETH redemption beyond a certain threshold. The precise mechanisms and ratios of this proposal are still being discussed, with more details TBA.

Q2 -2025

Release Domain Name Marketplace across multiple blockchains

Assuming successful implementation of the multi-chain strategy, it will be essential to establish a secondary marketplace for our domain names. Similar to Namecheap or Opensea, this marketplace would enable price discovery, improve brand visibility, and generate revenue through platform fees, thereby strengthening the project's ecosystem.

To decide on the marketplace's name, a community contest will be organized, with the winner receiving a unique NFT that is in development.

Q4 - 2025

Evolving BlastName Passport to Naming Service Blockchain

The final goal of our project, our Magnum Opus, is to develop a customized blockchain platform for naming services, which builds on the foundation established by the Passport program. Key functionalities and data structures will be carefully integrated to form the core of this blockchain, promoting further decentralization and enhancing the robustness of our project.

We anticipate that our chain may utilize a rollup or another type of Layer 3/4/5 solution, whichever is suitable. This approach aims for seamless integration and compatibility with existing infrastructure and the economic ecosystem, facilitating broad adoption and minimizing disruptions.

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