Community Co-creation Initiative

Let's get creative

Calling all artists, writers, and meme-meisters! We're looking for passionate individuals who can contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of BlastName and showcase your skills on:

1. Build the ultimate BlastName health tracker: Chip in to provide insights and updates on metrics that closely reflect the health of the project. Think of stats like domain sales, daily user engagement, trading volume, and token market caps. Throw together something informative that keeps the community in the loop.

2. Make BlastName your muse: Show us what you've got! Unleash your artistic vision! We're open to drawings, cartoons, and even hilarious memes that capture the essence of BlastName.

3. Become a BlastName guru: Do you love explaining things? Share your knowledge by writing clear and concise tutorials for using our platform. Your words can empower new users and fuel our community's growth.

-> Keep an eye on our Discord for detailed information about these tasks, and more. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

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