Domain Name & NFT

Remembering long, confusing crypto wallet addresses can be a nightmare. One typo could mean sending your funds to the wrong place. That's where the idea of domain names comes in. Think of them as your personal, easy-to-remember "nickname" that functions as your unique, memorable identifier within the blockchain ecosystem. Sharing this domain grants others the ability to locate you, send tokens, and interact with your projects.

By wrapping the domain name into an NFT, each name will become a unique, traceable, and transparent story about its owner. We can see how long someone has been in crypto, what projects they've interacted with, and even other cool NFTs they own, creating a comprehensive digital footprint associated with the easy-to-remember handle. We're actively developing additional functionalities to enhance the power and value of your domain name NFT.

More than just a domain name service

Domain names will be classified into different tiers with escalating mint prices along with unique privileges. All domain names start with a 1-year ownership period. You can renew your domain for an additional year with a $100.00 fee.

Users can utilize 36 different characters (26 alphabetic letters and 10 numbers from 0 to 9) to craft their desired names. There is no strict maximum length but due to technical limitations, each segment (divided by a dot) can only support a word up to 63 characters long.



1 char domain

  • VVIP service

  • Free extra 1-year

  • Legendary badge on Discord

  • Tier 1 reward in Revenue share pool

  • Build your own TLD

  • Customize-able social domain page



2 chars domain

  • VIP service

  • Free extra 1-year

  • Epic badge on Discord

  • Tier 2 reward in Revenue share pool

  • Build your own TLD



3 chars domain

  • Priority service

  • Free extra 1-year

  • Rare badge on Discord

  • Tier 3 reward in Revenue share pool



4 chars domain

  • Normal service

  • Free extra 1-year

  • Uncommon badge on Discord

  • Tier 4 reward in Revenue share pool



> 4 chars domain

  • Normal service

  • Customer badge on Discord

  • Normal reward in Revenue share pool


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