Banking system

This is the place where you stake BNS to earn BND every epoch when the Bank contract mints a fresh batch of BND. Epochs occur every 8 hours (calculated using block time) with an initial expansion rate of 1% of BND's current total supply, halving every 90 days.

Minted BND are sent to the Bank (55%) to reward stakers and the Treasury (45%) for project development. Claiming reward BND or withdrawing staked BNS triggers a temporary cooldown period, limiting users' interactions with the Bank for:

Claim BND rewardsWithdraw BNS

3 Epochs

6 Epochs

⚠️ Please note:

  1. You will automatically claim all available BND rewards if you choose to withdraw BNS.

  2. There is no cooldown period for staking BNS.

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