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BlastName leverages ENS's standard for its domain processing system based on ENS's well-established track record, having passed stringent security audits and earning widespread adoption by major players in the blockchain space, with some adjustments to fit our model and project's goals.

We know it can be confusing for newcomers, so we've included a simple table below to explain the basics. Think of ENS like a phonebook for crypto wallets. Instead of using long, complex addresses "0x88eFda...566", you can use human-readable names like 'alice.eth'. This name points to your actual wallet address behind the scenes, making it easier to remember, share, and use your wallet address. You can also link your website, social media profiles, or even many other crypto addresses to your purchased domain name, making it a powerful tool for managing your online identity in the crypto world.


Core contract

Merchant Entities

Translator program

Maintain central record of all domain names

  • Sell and manage domains

  • Act as intermediaries between users and the Registry

  • Facilitate the registration and renewal process

  • Issue domain NFTs

  • Translate human-readable names into machine-readable addresses

  • Store additional data associated with the name, such as content hashes or links to websites

Controlled by DAO voting

Follow a guideline


  • Anyone can interact

  • Modification requires DAO's permission

  • Anyone can signup to become one

  • Will be revoked if violate guideline


As the community grows, the DAO will gradually gain more influence over specific project decisions, starting with some limited adjustments during the upcoming quarterly vote. We believe this gradual transfer of control will empower the community, incentivize participation, and ensure the project's long-term success. We encourage all fans and community members to join our discussions and contribute to the DAO's formation.

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